Here are a few samples of Arnaldo's medical cartoons. If you are interested in using any of these cartoons in your publication, or would like to order new cartoons, contact Arnaldo.

Medical Cartoon-Adjustment


Medical Cartoon-Alive


Medical Cartoon-Asthma


Medical Cartoon-Bad Feeling


Medical Cartoon-Bikini


Medical Cartoon-Bills


Medical Cartoon-Blah


Medical Cartoon-Blend


Medical Cartoon-Brick


Medical Cartoon-Butterflies


Medical Cartoon-Cancel


Medical Cartoon-Casual Friday


Medical Cartoon-Cellulite


Medical Cartoon-Coffee


Medical Cartoon-Commit


Medical Cartoon-Crazy Glue


Medical Cartoon-Valentine


Medical Cartoon-Desperately


Medical Cartoon-Disgusting


Medical Cartoon-Dishonest


Medical Cartoon-Dongfang


Medical Cartoon-Dracula


Medical Cartoon-Eh


Medical Cartoon-Fanatic


Medical Cartoon-Fight


Medical Cartoon-Finished


Medical Cartoon-First


Medical Cartoon-For Sale


Medical Cartoon-Funny


Medical Cartoon-Gastric


Medical Cartoon-Hurt


Medical Cartoon-Gratitude


Medical Cartoon-Grow Up


Medical Cartoon-Gynecologist


Medical Cartoon-Having


Medical Cartoon-High


Medical Cartoon-Hold On


Medical Cartoon-Honest


Medical Cartoon-Guess


Medical Cartoon-I'll Let You


Medical Cartoon-In case


Medical Cartoon-Judge


Medical Cartoon-Jumped


Medical Cartoon-Laxative


Let Them


Medical Cartoon-My Heart


Medical Cartoon-Mad


Medical Cartoon-Make Do


Medical Cartoon-Mice


Medical Cartoon-Moon


Medical Cartoon-My bad


Medical Cartoon-Nicotine


Medical Cartoon-Padre


Medical Cartoon-Perlmutter


Medical Cartoon-Proper


Medical Cartoon-Pack


Medical Cartoon-Reasonably


Medical Cartoon-Reference


Medical Cartoon-Remain


Medical Cartoon-Remodeling


Medical Cartoon-Rome


Medical Cartoon-Russian Doll


Medical Cartoon-Russian


Medical Cartoon-Sake


Medical Cartoon-Sandwich


Medical Cartoon-Screw Up


Medical Cartoon-Self Conscious


Medical Cartoon-Shut Up


Medical Cartoon-Sincerity


Medical Cartoon-Size Five


Medical Cartoon-Slow Down


Medical Cartoon-Sorry


Medical Cartoon-Solids


Medical Cartoon-Spatial


Medical Cartoon-Spit Out


Medical Cartoon-Standards


Medical Cartoon-Take It


Medical Cartoon-Tapeworm


Medical Cartoon-Tarantula


Medical Cartoon-The Bill


Medical Cartoon-Those


Medical Cartoon-Tooth


Medical Cartoon-Truth


Medical Cartoon-Used Too


Medical Cartoon-Vacation


Medical Cartoon-Validity


Medical Cartoon-Vasectomy


Medical Cartoon-Very Much


Medical Cartoon-Viral


Medical Cartoon-Wake Up


Medical Cartoon-Well


Medical Cartoon-Whose


<medical cartoon-would be>


<Medical Cartoon-You>

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